About VMR

Vine Media Relations is an independent, specialist PR agency helping English wine producers and UK viticulture businesses turn their stories into sales.

Want to connect with new customers, through captivating media coverage and candid copywriting?

VMR offers a range of PR, content marketing and social media services to businesses operating in the UK’s agriculture, viticulture and wine sectors.

Victoria M. Rose has sat on both sides of the table; having started her career in PR and most recently worked as a features writer and editor of a viticulture magazine. She is a member of both the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the British Guild of Agricultural Journalists.

Victoria’s love for English wine started soon after she moved from Cheshire to Kent (the Wine Garden of England) where she is still based today. Incredibly fortunate to have worked at one of Kent’s most prominent vineyards, Victoria’s eyes were opened to the UK’s rapidly growing wine industry and community.

After leaving to pursue her passion for writing, becoming a features writer for an agricultural magazine, it was only a few months before Victoria missed the English wine sector. So much so that she and the publisher and decided to launch a magazine dedicated to viticulture and winemaking in the UK.

When the magazine was sold to a larger publishing company in 2020, Victoria decided it was time to launch her own project – combining PR and journalism expertise to help those in the industry get their stories told, to reach new customers and grow their brand reputation.


If you don’t enjoy writing, or don’t have the time to sit down and write consistently every week or month, here is your chance to hand over your email marketing, blog, promotional literature, website content, PR and social media captions to an experienced copywriter. 

Having worked as a journalist I understand tight deadlines, and having started, and edited, one of the UK’s only viticultural magazines, I specialise in the sector, which means I already understand what’s going on in the vineyard or the winery throughout the year.

There’s a full list of my services and prices (inc. VAT) below. After you’ve selected the package(s) you want, please email me on victoria@vinemediarelations.co.uk to book in a 30-minute call and we can run through your specific content needs, before making any commitments. 

All packages are subject to a 3-month minimum contract, please contact me for one-off rates. If you have a specific monthly budget in mind and would like a bit of everything, I am more than happy to put a bespoke package together for you.

Content Marketing

If you’re struggling to come up with content ideas, and don’t have the time to regularly write, take photographs, consistently publish to your website and share that content to social media, I can help. 

Keeping a blog consistently updated is the first step; strategy comes next. A blog doesn’t have to be a formal ‘dear diary’ account of what’s been going on lately. Far from it. A resourceful blog will answer the most commonly asked questions people have related to your product or service. Ensuring that your website is one of the first, and most helpful, which pops up when someone is searching on Google.

Once you’ve got your content, it seems silly not to repurpose and share that with your online audience. Linking to blogs, news updates and new products or services in regularly distributed email marketing campaigns is a fantastic way to keep customers in the loop and drive sales. Finally, sharing interesting and informative blog snippets on social media is a great way of taking people from a crowded platform directly to your website.

I am here to produce quality, well-targeted content for you on a recurring monthly basis. Packages start from £250 depend on whether you’re just after occasional copy, which you promote yourself, or whether you require a more complete solution, which includes content creation, distribution to your database, and ready-to-publish social media posts.

Social Media

To stand out on social media, you need to be publishing consistently. To make sales on social media, you need to have a concrete strategy in place. Both of these aspects can be incredibly time-consuming.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed thinking about what to post each day, and “asking for sales” in the right way can seem tough too.

Whether you want to continue engaging with your followers but need some inspiration on what to post each day; if you want to completely hand over the management of your already established Instagram account and Facebook page to focus on other areas in your business; or if you do not yet have an Instagram account or a Facebook business page, or if have only recently started one and still have a very small following, I can help. Packages start from £299 per month.

Telling your own business story concisely and engagingly can be tough. Sometimes you need another set of eyes to help identify the aspects which make you truly unique and should be shouted about.

As an editor and features writer for two B2B magazines, over the years I have interviewed thousands of business owners, vineyard managers and winemakers. It was my job to condense their life story into just a few hundred words, without losing any of the important details.

Website and promotional literature copywriting prices start at £300 depending on your needs. So, whether you need a brand-new sales brochure, or you just want a few product pages updating, please do give me a call to discuss. 

Website, Promotional Literature and General Copywriting

Media Relations 

Got some news to share with the world? While it’s perfectly possible to do your own PR, sometimes it can be difficult to find the time, and many don’t know what to include in a press release or how to get in touch with the right journalists. 

Having complete the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ post-degree course and worked in both PR and as a journalist and editor, I know what a good (and bad) press release looks like. As well as writing an effective press release, I can also help you to identify which titles you should be targeting and can distribute your news to relevant contacts.

Those looking for long-term PR support, which includes pitching to titles regularly, answering journalist requests, representation at shows and events, or who want to combine PR with social media management and content marketing can find better support on a monthly PR retainer. Monthly retainer options start at £750 per month and are subject to a 6-month minimum contract, please contact me for more information.



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